Our mission is to make potable water universal for every human being. WaterBomb supports and creates outlets for art, music, fashion and dance communities to raise awareness of this cause and effect global change.


Let’s face it. Shit is going down everywhere.


Beyond the environmental damage, political corruption, economic downturns, and a general disconnect between us and the wider world that exists beyond our vision, people are starting to wake up and realize how absurd the human condition has become.


WaterBomb is a platform where our generation can come together to celebrate the arts and create a united front against the ineffective status quo. Our growing collective stems from the creative community; we’ve proven that we can make a difference with the art, passion and music.


We start with each other. Water is the fundamental element for any form of life. It should be treated as an inalienable human right, yet hundreds of millions of people still don't have access to drinkable, clean water.

This isn’t an American, African, Asian, or European problem. It’s not a religious or political problem. This is a human problem. We now have the technology and education to know and do better, so it’s only natural we do.


Teaming up with CWI (clean water initiative) and non-profit organizations, we raise awareness of this cause and effect progress on a global scale through our events.


We’re entertainers, designers, artists and poets. We're not perfect, but we learn fast and relentlessly push forward. We don’t ask for permission, we roll up our sleeves. Most of all, we’ve learned that the power to push the boundaries of the human experience lies in our own determination and actions. As humans, we fuel the future.


Through our work, we aim to share this realization with you.

This is WaterBomb.


Spread Love.


Date: August 24, 2013


Location: lot613


Partner: Generosity Water


Total Amount Raised: $2,500

Art: Cheeco Munson, Jess Sluder, Kube, CW, Chase, Kiel Johnson, Dan Park, Magda Wosinska, Cody Comrie, Robyn Breen Shinn, Kate O’Connell, Danny O’Connell, Ali Gallagher, Heather Mcmillien, Matt Hoover, Nil Ultra


Fashion: Blacknot, Movement Lifestyle, BNGA, Panthers&Hippies, Loud-Mouse, Dani Song, Naive Nation, CustomsWaves, Lady Danger Nails, Vapen&Juice, Ninja Sox


Performers: the Movement Lifestyle, ML & Friends, Shaun Evaristo, Anderson Paak & the Free Nationals, Mike B & Lodef, Dijiparq, Carol Gang, Sam Kang, starRo, dj kero one, MVP, Mister Rocks, Tsugu


Food: Seoul Sausage, NY Snow


Date:  June 23, 2012


Location: 722 Figueroa KimSing Theatre: Los Angeles


Partner: Charity : Water


Total Amount Raised: $1,750

Art: Kube, Nil Ultra, CW, Heather McMillen, Tommy Yoon


Fashion: Panthers&Hippies, 2020ave, Dani Song, Creative Recreations, Illest


Performers: DJ ZO, DFD & the Breezy Lovejoy Band, Cobe Obeah, Lynzie Love


Photo: Blank Booth


Food: Kogi Truck





Money raised




Numbers are updated by each event.


People received clean water

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